Wise Up Guys! The Feminists are waging a war against you and you're losing.

In the media, government, courts, education, and business, the Feminists violate your rights with impunity while taking what they don't deserve and can't handle. The cult of Feminism is turning you into a second class citizen and America into a Feminarchy that pampers and preferentially treats females in accordance with the evolutionarily incorrect tenets of Feminazism.

Want you're rights back? Want to be treated fairly and with respect rather than like a disposable dog? Want an end to the incessant defaming, demeaning, denigrating, demonizing, and dissing of men? Then take a first step, join with other guys who participate in this internet forum of Truth, Justice and the American Ideal. Add your voice to the voices of, by and for men so as to shine the spotlight of truth on the rampant discrimination against men today.

This forum means to communicate, enlighten, educate, and elucidate about the growing Feminazi tyranny over the minds of men and social institutions. We aim to become the Feminazis' worst nightmare by speaking up, providing knowledge, distributing information, and exercising the courage to expose the truth about this latest feminine curse upon men--for truth is the best disinfectant.








What's Feminazism? The most virulent form of female irrationality, greed and lust for power over men that ever stalked this planet. It's the belief system of allied special interest groups and individual females trying to steal society's benefits for girls and their hermaphrodite sycophants while saddling men with the most loathsome of society's burdens. Feminazis believe females—solely because of their sex—are superior to men at the tasks for which Mother Nature made men. Feminazis, as with the princesses of old, want a tyranny over men. They are out to break and collar men into doing what they want—and they are succeeding. Think of it as an extension of your girlfriend or wife getting her way around the home, but now her capricious behavior and bossiness has spread to society by the Feminists.

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