Wise Up Guys! The Feminists are waging a war against you and you're losing.

In the media, government, courts, education, and business, the Feminists violate your rights with impunity while taking what they don't deserve and can't handle. The cult of Feminism is turning you into a second class citizen and America into a Feminarchy that pampers and preferentially treats females in accordance with the evolutionarily incorrect tenets of Feminazism.

Want you're rights back? Want to be treated fairly and with respect rather than like a disposable dog? Want an end to the incessant defaming, demeaning, denigrating, demonizing, and dissing of men? Then take a first step, join with other guys who participate in this internet forum of Truth, Justice and the American Ideal. Add your voice to the voices of, by and for men so as to shine the spotlight of truth on the rampant discrimination against men today.

This forum means to communicate, enlighten, educate, and elucidate about the growing Feminazi tyranny over the minds of men and social institutions. We aim to become the Feminazis' worst nightmare by speaking up, providing knowledge, distributing information, and exercising the courage to expose the truth about this latest feminine curse upon men--for truth is the best disinfectant.








Truth, Justice and the American Ideal is an internet forum dedicated to fighting for justice by freeing men from the Feminist lash in a country created by men. Since the 1970s, men have fallen prey one by one to organizations of political correctionalist females bent on creating a tyranny in which men's rights are trampled by selfish, irrational feminist whims. No longer do the courts and media consider men innocent until proven otherwise, now men are guilty—always and everywhere, regardless of the evil visited on them by females. Feminazis and their sycophantic androgynies claim their despotism over thought, speech and action justified by passed oppression. What oppression? Nearly fifty-eight thousand men died in Vietnam—forty percent were draftees. Only eight, not eight thousand, not eight hundred, but eight American girls died there. Around 1.8 million more females voted for Lyndon Johnson then men in 1964. Today, men occupy ninety percent of the worst, most dangerous jobs in America . If it weren't for men, these conniving, power hungry, evolutionary incorrect feminists would be serving as Nazi broodmares, Japanese comfort-girls or Commie secretutes.

Men are beginning to realize that only by working together can we defeat the feminist scourge of intolerance and terror abroad in the land. Truth, Justice and the American Ideal is an initial effort to stand up to the feminist-enemy whenever they try to foist their evolutionary-wrong beliefs or attempt to act as the moral police in a country founded by men and predicated on freedom of thought and speech. We intend to confront this menace and fight for the freedom of men by using truth and knowledge, for now, as our sword. The greedy grasp of feminist-tyranny is upon us, and their ramparts of evil challenge the freemen of America to battle Feminazi cruelty if they dare!

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Don't be intimidated!

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