RICO Case in the U.S. Southern District Court of New York


Motion for Default

Defendants' Motions to Dismiss

               Joint Motion

               Flash Dancers Motion

               Detective Henning's Motion

               Paulsen's Plead for Mercy

               Vasilyevas' Letter to the Court

               Cybertech's Motion

               Bank of Cyprus' Motion

Opposition to Dismissal Motions

               Roy's Opposition to Defendants Joint Motion

               Attorney Mundy's Advertisement on Russian Ho Site

               Evidence of Petrovich Working for Mundy

               Roy's Opposition to Cybertech's Motion

               Roy's Opposition to Bank of Cyprus Motion

               FBI Report on the Russian Mafia

               CIA and FBI Directors on the Russian Mafia              

Defendants' Replies


               Flash Dancers


               Bank of Cyprus

The oral argument that never occurred.

Motion to Strike Irrelevant and Prejudicial Matter in the Defendants' Papers

              Roy's Motion to Strike

              Defendants' Joint Opposition

              Roy's Reply

Status Conference before the new Judge:  P. Kevin Castel

             Letter to Judge Castel from Angelina's Lawyer

             Roy's Reply to the Letter

             Defendants Proposed Status Report

             Roy's Proposed Status Report

Angelina's Perjury

Wisconsin Investigation

            Roy's Letter to FBI Special Agent Babler 8.20.03

            Roy's Interview of Zahnow 8.22.03

            Roy's Interview of FBI Special Agent Babler 8.22.03

            Brookfield Police Threaten to Arrest Roy 8.25.03

            Roy Complains to FBI Director Mueller 8.28.03

            FBI General Counsel's Response 1.5.04

            Roy's Letter to FBI General Counsel 1.5.04

            FBI General Counsel's Final Response 1.29.04

Supplemental Complaint Fight

           Roy's Letter Requesting a Pre-Motion Conference

           Supplemental Complaint

           Mundy's Opposition to Conference and Supplemental Complaint

           Roy's Reply to Mundy's Opposition

           Angelina's Opposition to Conference and Supplemental Complaint

           Roy's Reply to Angelina's Opposition

Judge Castel's Decision

Post Decision Motions

           Roy's Response to Judge Castel's Decision and Request for a Pre-Motion Conference to file Recusal and Reconsideration Motions

           Defendants' Opposition to Pre-Motion Conference

           Roy's Motion for Recusal of Judge Castel

           Roy's Motion for Reconsideration of Judge Castel's Decision

           Defendants' Joint Opposition to Recusal and Reconsideration

           Flash Dancers' Opposition to Recusal and Reconsideration

           Judge Castel's Denials of Motions for Recusal and Reconsideration

Roy's motion to recover service of process costs.

           Roy's letter to Judge Castel requesting reimbursement costs.

           Flash Dancers Opposition

           Mundy's Opposition

           Roy's Reply

           Judge Castel's Order