Stupid Frigging Fool





                                           Part I      But

                                           Part II     Look up into

                                           Part III    The star light sky

                                           Part IV    Some night

                                           Part V     And allow yourself

                                           Part VI    The freedom

                                           Part VII   To wonder
                                           Part VIII  The point


Appendices Index

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  1. Glossary
  2. Angelina's Diary
    1. Handwritten
    2. Printed in Russian
  3. Angelina’s clients, just a few
  4. Angelina’s known travels
  5. Cyprus
    1. Brothel contract
    2. Immigration papers
  6. Angelina’s letters to her Moscow pimp, Leo Perlin
  7. Angelina’s passports, birth certificate, marriage certificate
  8. Angelina’s U.S.A. immigrant visa application
  9. Correspondence between Angelina and Roy
  10. July 2000 Angelina’s postcard to Valodya Gavtilov in St. Petersburg
  11. Angelina’s Flash Dancers work schedules for 2000
  12. Angelina’s Flash Dancers income and average New York City stripper’s income
  13. Detective report on cell number Angelina was calling repeatedly in July 2000 right after her arrival in the USA.
  14. Angelina’s Photos with 2 nudes she contracted with Perlin for use in selling her body.
  15. Angelina’s masturbation video clips produced by Dr. Marc L. Paulsen and Leo Perlin in Moscow, she received $50 under contract.
  16. Affidavits of Angelina’s prostitution (Redacted affiants)
  17. The Men’s Club prostitution affidavit
  18. Defamation by Inessa, criminal
  19. Defamation by Inessa civil
  20. Angelina and her Mother’s real estate records
  21. NYC perjured complaints by Angelina to Police alleging extortion and violation of the Temporary Order of Protection
  22. Annulment Divorce Proceedings
  23. Sturm Order of Protection proceedings:  Roy's Discovery Request, Mundy's Opposition Motion, Roy's Reply, Sturm's Order, Mundy's Alleged Compliance
  24. Angelina’s illegal voter registration and N.Y.C. Board of Elections’ referral to the U.S. Attorney and Queens D.A.
  25. contest and Russian Bridal Magazine Bride of the Year
  26. RICO
    1. U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
    2. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
    3. U.S. Supreme Court
  27. Class action RICO web site
  28. Some Correspondence with U.S., New York State and N.Y.C. government agencies
  29. Correspondence with Russian government agencies
  30. Correspondence with news media
  31. Ulitsa Krasnaya Newspaper article about Roy and Angelina.  Article about Vasilyeva Fashion House fashion event.
  32. Wisconsin trip
  33. Audio of two threats
  34. Daily News article “From Russia as Slaves”
  35. Roy’s Russian newspaper articles, interviews, Kremlin speech and two TV appearances
  36. Roy’s resume
  37. RICO Defendants’ Websites

   38. Angelina's Safe Deposit Box at Citibank

   39. Judicial and Disciplinary Complaints
   40. Ho Hawaiian, N.Y. Post 7.29.08
   41. Ho's Immigration Proceedings
   42. Homeland Security and Social Security Notices that Roy is an Illegal Alien
   43. Re: Illegal Alien, Letter Social Security N.Y. Regional Administrator
   44. Re: Illegal Alien, Letters Trump and Coulter
   45. Re: Illegal Alien, Media Responses
   46. Ho's real estate license
   47. Russian Tales
   48. Jihada Genesis