Wise Up Guys! The Feminists are waging a war against you and you're losing.

In the media, government, courts, education, and business, the Feminists violate your rights with impunity while taking what they don't deserve and can't handle. The cult of Feminism is turning you into a second class citizen and America into a Feminarchy that pampers and preferentially treats females in accordance with the evolutionarily incorrect tenets of Feminazism.

Want you're rights back? Want to be treated fairly and with respect rather than like a disposable dog? Want an end to the incessant defaming, demeaning, denigrating, demonizing, and dissing of men? Then take a first step, join with other guys who participate in this internet forum of Truth, Justice and the American Ideal. Add your voice to the voices of, by and for men so as to shine the spotlight of truth on the rampant discrimination against men today.

This forum means to communicate, enlighten, educate, and elucidate about the growing Feminazi tyranny over the minds of men and social institutions. We aim to become the Feminazis' worst nightmare by speaking up, providing knowledge, distributing information, and exercising the courage to expose the truth about this latest feminine curse upon men--for truth is the best disinfectant.




Truth, Justice and the American Ideal was set up by New York City attorney Roy Den Hollander with the help of a few of his buddies as a result of the rampant discrimination he experienced at the hands of Feminists and their sycophants in Federal, New York State and New York City agencies and courts when he tried to right the wrongs done to him and the harm caused his property by a Russian mafia prostitute, procurer, former mistress to a Chechen warlord, money launderer, drug smuggler who was aided by her mob associates. (And no, he didn't know she was a prostitute, Russian mafia member or secretly feeding him drugs at the time he married that Ho.)

Here's the gist of the story, titled Stupid Frigging Fool (fool for believing a man could find justice in a system infected with feminism):

A middle-aged American lawyer while managing a Moscow detective agency, Kroll Associates, falls for a young, beautiful, six-foot-one, vat-dyed blonde hair, wolf-eyed Russian girl who uses black magic, narcotics and feminine duplicity to play him for a ticket to America's sex market in the Big Apple. Married to this bane and living in New York City, he finally becomes suspicious of her, a little slow for an attorney sporting an MBA with honors from Columbia University's Business School. He starts investigating whether she's engaging in prostitution with her Flash Dancers' customers, which, with the aid of Russian federal and military intelligence agents and other sleuthing techniques, ultimately takes him through a Minotaur labyrinth of the international Russian Mafia's sex industry in Moscow, Krasnodar, Cyprus, Mexico City and New York. Along the way, members of the Chechen Special Islamic Regiment, or Baraev clan, and various Russian mobsters step out of the shadows to threaten him, his informants and witnesses. The Baraev clan subsequently led the taking of 700 hostages at a Moscow theater in 2002.

Digging through the Russian netherworld revealed not only the truth about the attorney's wife and her confederates but also the lunacy of modern-day Russian culture. Seeking justice through the feminist-infested American judicial system and emasculated U.S. Federal agencies exposed the widespread discrimination against men in modern-day feminarchy America.

Here are the two main characters of Stupid Frigging Fool—guess which one is the fool.

Click on Stupid Frigging Fool to read the story and on Appendices for photos, videos, audio tapes and documents referred to in the story.

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